Brohard + Co is simply unique. And so are our clients.

We're not all the same. Forget the cookie-cutter campaigns. Brohard + Co embraces the notion that each business deserves its own personally, professionally tailored communications strategy. Your strategy deserves its own design, its own measured implementation.

Few communications firms are as qualified as Brohard + Co to deliver. We analyze your needs, your strengths and even weaknesses to develop and implement just the right campaign. Brohard + Co is, by design, a small firm representing select clients. Our clients choose us for the personal service. They stay for the sound advice and stellar ideas. Contact us today if you seek the very best campaign, designed just for you.



Brohard + Co began its own unique story in 2000. Bill and Renee Brohard, both having reached respected positions in larger DC-area firms, decided bigger wasn't necessarily better. Personal attention, creativity and a real connection with clients, were lost in bookkeeping and "billable" hours. No longer. While Brohard + Co leverages its reputation and strong relationships to provide clients with big results, the Brohards specificially strive to restrain the firm's growth. That ensures a senior team member will work directly with each client.



Marketing: A successful campaign requires a comprehensive marketing plan. Brohard + Company studies our clients' current market position. We help them identify their targets and goals. Then, we draw up a detailed blueprint on how to reach those targets and achieve those goals. Whether it's building your client list, managing your brand or developing communications in a crisis, Brohard + Co stands ready to deliver measurable results.

Public Relations: In todays seemingly ceaseless, around-the-clock business environment, one thing still holds true. It's all about relationships - relationships with clients and customers, colleagues and competitors, companies and communities. Our public relations professionals have developed an unmatchable rapport with a broad spectrum of media outlets - print, online, television and radio - both on a local and national scale. Here's our not-so-confidential secret. We only pitch stories we believe are news worthy. We only pitch to outlets who'll specifically take interest in our client' stories. Impersonal mass mailings of press releases just don't work. Personal relationships and personal pitches do. That approach builds stronger relationships with media and significantly increases the chance our client's story makes the headlines.

Design: Our design clients describe our work as "innovative" and "clever." We take the most satisfaction when they describe it as "functional." We admire creativity. We encourage it. Still, a creative solution must be more than visually pleasing, it must connect, convey a message and build on your brand. Our personal approach with our clients and our experience in telling stories allows us to tailor our design work to your needs. You'll get creative work. But more importantly, you'll get designs that connect with your customers. It's an approach that's earned us the respect of clients ranging from Fortune 100 firms to the Farmers' Market.



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