The Power of Social Media – 2016 Presidential Election


(Graphic credit The Next Web)

Now that the 2016 Presidential Election is behind us, we should examine how social media played a key roll in the race to the White House. Both Clinton and Trump heavily utilized social media tools in their respective campaigns, but with very different tactics and strategies.

According to USA Today each candidate favored different social media channels to broadcast their message to the masses. Clinton favored YouTube, which showcased highly produced campaign videos. Whereas Trump was focused on frequently Tweeting off-the-cuff remarks on Twitter and Facebook videos.


(Graphic credit The Next Web)

The two candidates had completely different styles for reaching their audience. Clinton’s posts tended to be polished soundbites from her campaign produced by her media team. Trump’s posts were unique, brash, and clearly crafted personally. According to Michael Cornfield, an associate professor at The George Washington University, conflict sells and that’s why Trump’s Tweets were often covered by the media.

Authenticity on social media is expected by the audience. Inc. reports that viewers are very aware of when content is being created for them, and when it’s direct from the source and genuine. Trump’s engagement numbers may have been higher due to his authentic content coupled with his frequency of posts.

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