Mobile Device Privacy and the Workplace



As we become more independent with increased use of mobile devices for daily activities, more legal concerns rise to the surface. One of these concerns is “bring your own device” (BYOD) to the workplace. The convenience of mobile devices have liberated employees from the desk and allowed them to work remotely. The Indianapolis Business Journal discusses several concerns by both the employee and employer. Employees want to keep their personal photos, emails, texts, and other data private from the employer. Employers want to protect their information, have the right to look at company data on employee personal devices and have the ability to force workers to give back it back in needed.

Both employee and employer sides have valid points about BYOD data. Individuals should be able to protect their personal information and companies have a responsibility to protect and access their corporate information stored on employee’s personal devices. According to ZDNet, the best way to enter into an employee and employer BYOD relationship is to start with clear policies and expectations. The policy should at minimum cover the following: acceptable use, authorized devices, support, security, reimbursement, and a liability disclaimer.

Embrace BYOD policies and enjoy working remotely!

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