Have Luxury Automotive Brands Missed the Turn with Minority Groups?

Social media helps businesses build their brand and better communicate a message with customers. If they fail to engage certain groups, the message they communicate may be that they don’t care about them. Some auto manufactures have embraced the idea of targeting minority groups such as African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans, whereas other have not.


Minorities in the U.S. represent 92 percent of the population growth, and are also growing in purchasing power. With this growth, luxury automotive manufactures need to build relationships with these minority groups today. Fortunately for some of these brands, they have entry-level sister brands that upwardly moving minorities can connect with first and later graduate to the luxury model. For example, many car buyers will start with Toyota and buy a Lexus later in life, Nissan then Infinity, Ford then Lincoln, or VW then Audi.

According to Business2Community, Toyota Motor Company has enjoyed a long history of success with the Hispanic market. In fact, Toyota has been the top-selling brand for Hispanics for over 10 years. In addition to building great vehicles, they also do a great job of connecting to the Hispanic market with social media, specifically with the Toyota Latinoamerica Facebook page with 308,397 likes. Social Media Today indicates that many Latino Americans speak both Spanish and English, therefore the site content is primarily Spanish but some announcements appear in English. Toyota uploads much of the imagery to maintain a professional look, and also allows fans to also contribute to the page.



Some luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche do not have entry-level brands. Therefore, they need to directly make connections and build relationships with these emerging customers. An article in the Drum states that Porsche has focused its digital strategy on social media (Facebook) with the goal to build the business and interact with customers/fans. Unfortunately the Porsche Facebook site fails to engage minorities.

Have Luxury Automotive Brands Missed the Turn with Minority Groups?


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