• Is your company prepared for local voice search?

    With the increased conversational voice search, users are going beyond simple keywords and adding their location to the search criteria. For example if I’m shopping for a new set of tires for my car, I would possibly Googled “car tires”, A voice search on my iPhone may sound more like, “Siri, find car tires near […]

  • Big Data and You

    (Image: Forbes) Most of us are active internet and social media users, but do we realize how much of our personal data is collected and stored? Googleing your name was once a good indicator of what can be found on the web about us, but there is much more. According to Business Insider, social media […]

  • Mobile Device Privacy and the Workplace

    (Image: DMCOMOCO.com) As we become more independent with increased use of mobile devices for daily activities, more legal concerns rise to the surface. One of these concerns is “bring your own device” (BYOD) to the workplace. The convenience of mobile devices have liberated employees from the desk and allowed them to work remotely. The Indianapolis […]

  • Keywords, Search Engines & Surprising Results

    Have you ever tried the same search phrase in multiple search engines? If you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise. (Photo from Nike.com) I selected Nike Free running shoes as the product for this study of online searching. The searches are based on what the average consumer would use searching for the business […]

  • The Power of Social Media – 2016 Presidential Election

    (Graphic credit The Next Web) Now that the 2016 Presidential Election is behind us, we should examine how social media played a key roll in the race to the White House. Both Clinton and Trump heavily utilized social media tools in their respective campaigns, but with very different tactics and strategies. According to USA Today […]

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Your Health

    (Photo credit Jawbone) Wearable technologies combined with IoT in the kitchen can make a positive change in our overall health. According to Forbes, wearable technologies such as fitness bands and smart watches are gaining popularity with a wide variety of people, ranging from competitive athletes to those wanting to shed a few pounds. These devices […]

  • Emerging Media – Its Time to Think Strategically

    The face of emerging media is a rapidly changing environment. Does there seem to be a new social media platform introduced before you’ve figured out how to maximize the last one for your business? Realizing that you have limited resources, which ones should I focus your attention on? Which one will actually help my business? […]

  • Have Luxury Automotive Brands Missed the Turn with Minority Groups?

    Social media helps businesses build their brand and better communicate a message with customers. If they fail to engage certain groups, the message they communicate may be that they don’t care about them. Some auto manufactures have embraced the idea of targeting minority groups such as African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans, whereas other have […]

  • Emerging Media – can we live with it and can we live without it?

    This blog is was developed as a class project in the WVU Integrated Marketing and Communications program, http://imc.wvu.edu/, to focus on today’s emerging media, why it matters and how it influences our world and the products and services we use. Emerging media is synonymous with the term new media, and includes all types of communications […]