Emerging Media – can we live with it and can we live without it?

This blog is was developed as a class project in the WVU Integrated Marketing and Communications program, http://imc.wvu.edu/, to focus on today’s emerging media, why it matters and how it influences our world and the products and services we use.

Emerging media is synonymous with the term new media, and includes all types of communications based on digital technology. The key word is “emerging” because this area is continually evolving and rapidly changing. Emerging media matters to us because it is changing the way we communicate with friends, customers, organizations and everyone in between. If we fail to remain current with the emerging trends, we loose valuable connections and relevancy.

Most interact with emerging media throughout the day with social media, surfing the internet, watching television, or simply using a smartphone. It has disrupted the way we communicate. We spend most of our time glued to our smartphone or computer. We are living virtually through social media, often seeking out events that will make an interesting post. Smartphones are always within arms reach and 91 percent of people sleep with it by their bed. Big data tracks our every move and click, marketers use that data to predict our next purchases. Our information is cloud based so that we can access it anywhere we go.

Emerging media has incredible influence over our world and the products and services we use primarily due to its interactive nature and ability to give instant and relevant feedback. Historically media has been off-line and geared toward appealing to the masses. Television, radio, newspapers, and magazines have known basic demographic information about their users, but nothing compared to what we know about users today. We are all to aware of how connected ecommerce sites are with social media, most of have shopped for an item on Amazon and immediately see ads on Facebook promoting those vary items – a little creepy but we are adjusting. What may surprise you is marketers are making online observations of our clicks and social media likes, and are able to make determinations of whether a person’s parents divorced before they were 21, their sexual orientation, IQ level, and even their mood.

Emerging media seems to be our new life-blood. Can we live with it? Can we live without it?

Bill Brohard